Ozomed Ozone Spa Bath Mat
SANI Ozone & UV Air, Water & Surface Sanitation

Ozone Machines are used for Effective & Powerful

Air & Water Purification & Health Enhancement

OzoneAir supplies Ozone Air & Water Purification Generators & Ozonator Machines for Chemical Free Treatment of Water & Air, as well as the Enhancement of Health.

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Ozone AIR PURIFICATION Range of Generators, Ozonators & Machines

Oxidizes micro-organisms and contaminants. Removes bad odours, removes smoke odours, reduces and removes toxic gases from Air. Removes micro-organisms from toilet & kitchen surfaces, discourages dust mites, pet dander and cockroaches by killing the bacteria they are attracted to. Prevents the growth of mould and maintains a bacteria free environment, and much more. Use little or no chemicals.

Ozone WATER PURIFICATION Range of Ozonators, Generators & Machines

Ozone Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Water Units for purification, deodorising, sterilising, disinfecting and colour, iron and manganese removal. Use little or no chemicals.

OzoneAir Ozone HEALTH ENHANCEMENT Products & Machines
  • Ozone Spa Bath Therapy has highly powerful & beneficial healing actions on the human body.
  • Ozonated Olive Oil Soap Bars for Face & Body - Allows Ozone to enter skin tissue, bringing about healing & alleviation of skin problems.
  • Ozonated Olive Oil Gel Ointment - Topical application on skin allows Ozone to enter and can bring about healing and alleviation of skin problems

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