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Ozone Air Products - Terms & Conditions

The following Points are a Guideline with regards to any Product Purchases you may make from OzoneAir. Should you have any other Queries or Questions, do not hesitate to contact our Office:

  • Payments: All Purchases are Cash Upfront, either via Online Credit Card Portal, EFT, Direct Bank Deposit, or Cash on Collection. Under no circumstances will any Credit be given!
  • Transport, Postage & Delivery: Transport, Postage & deliveries of any of our products, whether inside or outside of South Africa, OzoneAir will give you a quotation and this amount will be added to the price of your Product.
  • Guarantees: Guarantees on our products are generally for 12 (twelve) months, unless stipulated differently, ie. a 60 (sixty) Day Replacement Policy on Pipes & Submersible Mats.
  • Product Replacement & 7 (seven) Day Money Back Guarantee: In the event that your Product will need replacement for whichever reason, please note that it should be returned in as original a condition as possible, undamaged, and in the original packaging.
  • Health Product Results: Please note, with regards to health oriented products, your results may vary from individual to individual. Results may also take longer with certain individuals. For optimal results, Product Usage Instructions must be followed exactly!
  • Product Advice: Under NO circumstances should any product advice on this website or literature provided be portrayed or interpreted as medical advice. Consult your personal Doctor for any specific medical advice or treatment.
  • Product Information: All effort is made to provide accurate Product Information at the time of publication. However, should there be any errors, we will endeavour to correct these as soon as possible. We also reserve the right to adjust or change any information without prior notice.

IMPORTANT: OzoneAir is an Internet-based Business. No store-front or shop exists! Should you not find a Product meeting your requirements, give us a Call or send an eMail with complete details!

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