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» Pearl Esterhuizen - Alberton, Gauteng

Hi Annika!

I use my foot spa at least 4 times a week. I absolutely love it. (view Foot Spa Pic)

It took me a while to get comfortable with it because it's very heavy but now that I have created a comfortable space it's really awesome.

Little bit of background, I have chronic circulation problems and this spa has definitely reduced the pain, discomfort and swelling I struggle with.

I definitely recommend it!


Pearl - Alberton

» IB - Western Cape - I am so Thankful!

Hi Annika

I gladly send you the Photos of what my skin looked like before. (View my Before & After Pics)

During the past two (2) years I visited two Dermatologists, and they were unable to help me get my health back!

I was put on Cortizone and Antibiotics for a period of six (6) months.

And, I am so thankful for your wonderful Product! (Ozone Gel)


IB - Western Cape

» Cindy Oschman - Ozone Gel is so Amazing!

Hi Annika

It was great meeting you.

Ozone Gel is so amazing. I bought it for my Grandma - she is 85 years old and is diabetic. She's been in and out of hospital for the last 2 months. With all the drips and finger pricks her hands and fingers are blue. I apply Ozone Gel often on these areas and even though she is diabetic, the healing process is amazing.

Because she is unable to get out of bed, I also apply the Gel on her back... and amazingly, she has not developed bedsores.

I would recommend Ozone Gel for any kind of skin problem. I even use it on MY feet and my feet are as soft as a baby's bum :-)

Thank you for your great and prompt service.

Enjoy the Christmas time with your loved ones.



» Gerda Swanepoel - I WILL tell others about your Wonderful Product!

Dear Annika

Thank you so much for the tips on how to use my Spa Bath Mat. I enjoy it tremendously!

I look forward to bath time and I will tell other people about your wonderful product. Maybe you will get another few buyers.

May you be blessed in what you do.



Liewe Annika

Baie dankie vir die tips oor hoe ek my spa bad mat moet gebruik. Ek geniet hom verskriklik baie!

Ek sien baie uit na badtyd. Ek gaan vir ander mense ook vertel van julle wonderlike produk. Dalk kry jy nog n paar kopers.

Mag jy geseënd wees in wat jy doen.



» Leane Buntting - Absolutely brilliant!

Hi there Annika

Hope all is well on your side.

About a month ago (perhaps longer) you met with Amanda Terblanche here at Trident Steel to discuss the purchasing of air purifiers. You gave Amanda two bars of Ozonated soaps and she gave one to me to try out on my eczema.

The soap is absolutely brilliant! I finished my bar last week and already the eczema is clearing!

Can you perhaps tell me how I can go about buying more soap bars please? Do you supply to a shop that I could approach, or can I order directly from you?

Really hope you can help.

Many thanks


» Heather Harvey - A Huge improvement in My Health!

Dear OzoneAir

I bought one of your Domestic Ozone Generators that treat both air and water. I bought it on recommendation from the Bioscience Centre who had been using Ozone to treat my various problems (Epstein Barr Virus, Lymes Disease, allergies, arthritis, reketsia, asthma, bilharzia and Q-fever to name just a few).

Our local water is of a very poor quality and highly chlorinated and sometimes not safe to drink. Since using your Ozone Generator I am able to drink much more, healthy, pure water. I use it in my bath and to purify the air in the house.

I have noticed a huge improvement in my health (including having my nails and hair grow at a great rate!) and I wish more people knew about the benefits of Ozone. Thank you for supplying such a great product.

My sister and my Aunt of 86 years young have now bought their own generators and are also enjoying the experience of clean air and water.

I recently read the book "Flood your Body with Oxygen" by Ed McCabe in order to learn more about the incredible healing powers of ozone. I use my unit every day and I felt a difference immediately, I am able to sleep so much easier as my asthma is better due to the improvement in my allergies.

Many thanks again and you are welcome to use this testimonial.

Kind regards

Heather Harvey

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