Ozone Transforms Health, Life and Wellbeing

Ozone Spa Bath Mat
SANI Ozone & UV Air, Water & Surface Sanitation

Ozone Machines & Ozone Generators achieve Powerful

Air & Water Purification & Health Enhancement

OzoneAir supplies Ozone Air & Water Purification Generators & Ozonator Machines for Chemical Free Treatment of Water & Air, as well as the Enhancement of Health.

Ozone Machines & Ozone Generators Range for effective PURIFICATION of AIR

Ozone Oxidizes micro-organisms and contaminants. Removes bad odours, removes smoke odours, reduces and removes toxic gases from Air. Removes micro-organisms from toilet & kitchen surfaces, discourages dust mites, pet dander and cockroaches by killing the bacteria they are attracted to. Prevents the growth of mould and maintains a bacteria free environment, and much more. Use little or no chemicals.

Ozone Generators & Ozone Machines actuate efficient WATER PURIFICATION

Ozone Range includes Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Water Units for purification, deodorising, sterilising, disinfecting and colour, iron and manganese removal. Use little or no chemicals.

OzoneAir Ozone HEALTH ENHANCEMENT Products & Machines
  • Ozone Spa Bath Therapy has highly powerful & beneficial healing actions on the human body.
  • Ozonated Olive Soap Bars for Face & Body - Allows Ozone to enter skin tissue, bringing about healing & alleviation of skin problems.
  • Ozonated Olive Gel Ointment - Topical application on skin allows Ozone to enter and can bring about healing and alleviation of skin problems

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