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OzoneAir supplies an extensive range of Ozone Generators & products including Ozone Air Purifiers & Sterilizers and Ozone Water Purification systems for Domestic, Office, Health and Beauty, as well as Industrial use.

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  • 60 Day Replacement Policy on Pipes & Mat (Terms & Conditions apply)
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  • Results may also take longer with certain individuals
  • For optimal results, Product Usage Instructions must be followed exactly
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What is Ozone?

We are all aware of the Ozone Layer surrounding the atmosphere of the earth and its significance in protecting us from the harmful effects of UV rays coming from the sun and outer space. Recent scientific studies warn of health dangers due to ozone depletion of the ozone layer.

So, where does Ozone Technology come from?

The Creator designed Nature to be super-efficient - to care for itself without any kind of waste.Ozone O3 - Water Air Purification Systems, Purifiers & Sterilizers

Forests, trees, grassland areas and plankton in the sea are continuously producing oxygen. Humans and animals and other living organisms breathe some of this in, however, most of it rises up into the atmosphere to the Ozone Layer where it meets with UV rays from the sun.

Oxygen converted into Ozone

The UV rays release energy which converts stable O2 molecules into unstable and active O3 molecules, which we call Ozone (The process of "using up" the UV rays is what protects us from their harmful effects).

Ozone O3 - Water Purification Systems- Air Purifier & SterilizersSince Ozone O3 is heavier than the Oxygen O2 in the atmosphere, it falls back down to the earth where it eventually releases single atoms of Oxygen O which bond with other single atoms of oxygen O to form stable O2 molecules and the cycle is repeated.

While the pure Ozone O3 falls back down to earth, it purifies & sterilizes the air surrounding us, taking care of bacteria, moulds, fungi and other harmful organisms by decomposing them.

Interestingly, Ozone O3 is also generated during thunderstorms by lightning, as lightning possesses photochemical and electrical energy.

Why is Ozone O3 Beneficial to Us?

Although Ozone O3 has always been around, Physicians have only been aware of the health and advantageous medical properties of Ozone O3 for approximately the past 50 years. More recently the Media have started to report on the benefits of Oxygen Therapy & Technology for the treatment of disease.

Many disease bacteria, viruses and other lower forms of organic life can almost live without oxygen (anaerobic), and the presence of Activated Oxygen (O3) can eliminate and monitor them through oxidation & purification (Get more info about the benefits of Ozone O3).

Modern Health & Wellness Technology

Through the availability of modern wellness technologies OzoneAir is able to present you with Ozone , and which apply many of the health & wellness promoting and medical benefits mentioned previously.

From Ozone Units for industrial use to user friendly Ozone Appliances for everyday household water & air use, OzoneAir will keep you up to date with the latest product developments in this field.

A Full Range of Ozone Generators & Purification Appliances

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