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About Ozone Air, Water Purification & Health Products

Who are We?

OzoneAir SA is based in Kempton Park, South Africa. Since 2005 we have supplied our Clients with a complete range of Ozone Machines & Generators. Our Health Enhancement Products include Ozone Healing Gel, Ozone Olive Soap [Now with added Palm Kernel Oil] & the Portable Ozone Bath Spa. (Read Ozone Reviews & Testimonials)

What do we Do?

Ozone Machines & Generators for Water/Air Treatment and Purification form part of our range. For the Health Conscious a range of Health Enhancement Products is for sale.

Ozone Health Enhancement Products in our range have proven themselves over the years. From treating Acne, Dandruff, Headaches & Sunburn to Varicose Veins, Skin Lesions, Cellulite & more, our health range is bound to surprise you!

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Annika van Rooyen - Ozone Air SA
Annika van Rooyen

Who are the People?

Annika van Rooyen - Director, Owner, PRO, Customer & Sales Support. After a leisurely and gradual start in 2005, Annika has built OzoneAir into a business reaching clients both Locally and Internationally.

I want to Know More!

That's great! To discover more about our excellent products, contact Annika on:

       083.391.7980 or eMail: eMail Annika Now!

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