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What is Ozone & What are the Benefits of Ozone?
Learn How You can Benefit from the Miracle of Ozone

Ozone - What is it?

Ozone has been around as long as the earth has been in existence! We are all aware of the Ozone Layer surrounding the atmosphere of the earth. Its significance lies in it protecting us from the harmful effects of UV sunrays. Scientific studies warn us of health dangers due to ozone depletion of the ozone layer. (Get more Info about Understanding Ozone 03 Technology)

Ozone Technology - Its Origins

The Creator designed Nature to be super-efficient. It cares for itself without any kind of waste.Ozone Machines & Ozone Generators

Oxygen is produced by forests, trees, grasslands and sea-plankton. Humans, animals and all living organisms breathe some of it in. Most of it rises up to the Ozone Layer where it meets with UV rays from the sun.

Ozone from Oxygen

UV rays release energy which converts stable Oxygen O2 molecules into unstable & active Ozone O3. This process protects us from the harmful UV rays.

Ozone Machines & GeneratorsOzone O3 is heavier than the Oxygen O2. It then falls down through the atmosphere back to the earth. It eventually releases single atoms of Oxygen O which bond with other single atoms of Oxygen. Stable O2 molecules are formed and the cycle is repeated.

Ozone O3, while it falls down to earth, purifies & sterilizes surrounding air. I takes care of bacteria, moulds, fungi and other harmful organisms by decomposing them.

Interestingly, Ozone O3 is also generated during thunderstorms by lightning. Lightning possesses photochemical and electrical energy. (Get more Info about Understanding Ozone 03 Technology)

Ozone O3 - Why is it Beneficial to Us?

Ozone O3 has always been around. Even so, Physicians have only known of its health benefits for about 60 years. The Media regularly report these benefits on the treatment of disease.

Many disease bacteria, viruses (including Coronavirus - COVID-19) and other lower forms of organic life can often live without oxygen (anaerobic). The presence of Activated Oxygen (Ozone O3) can eliminate and monitor them through oxidation & purification (Get more Info about Understanding Ozone 03 Technology).

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Ozone & Modern Health & Wellness Technology

OzoneAir is now able to present you with Ozone , . These apply many of the health & wellness promoting and medical benefits mentioned previously.

Ozone Generators for industrial use & user friendly Home Ozone Machines are available. For everyday household use, Ozone keeps your water & air fresh. Join the OzoneAir Newsletter & stay on the cutting edge of Ozone Product Developments.

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Powerful Ozone Client Feedback, Testimonials & Reviews!

Testimonials - Our Valued Clients give their Feedback! - "I have noticed a huge improvement in my health (including having my nails and hair grow at a great rate!) and I wish more people knew about the benefits of Ozone..." More Reviews »»»

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