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Ozonated Olive Oil Soap for Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation
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Castile Soap enriched with Ozone & Olive Oil for Healthy Skin

Olive Oil has been used in its various forms by mankind for thousands of years! Whether for nutrition, skincare cosmetics, as a medicine, or worked into other forms, Olive Oil has proven its benefits to us. See the Full List of Pure Ozone Soap Benefits

Ozonated Olive Oil comes in Two Distinct Products: Ozonated Olive Oil Castile Soap & Ozone Olive Oil Healing Gel.

Ozonated Olive Oil Soap (Castile Soap) may be used on the Skin and Hair during your Daily Bathing & Cleansing Routine, or for the Treatment of different kinds of Skin Problems or Skin Disorders.

Ozonated Olive Oil Soap Bars for Face & Body - R29.99 per Bar (Buy 4 & get 1 Free) - Call to Order Now on 083.391.7980 OR Send an eMail!

Ozonated Olive Oil Castile Soap will Benefit You in a number of Ways

A great benefit of using Olive Oil Castile Soap is that it doesOzonated Olive Oil Castile Soap not dry out the skin! The general complaint about ordinary soaps is that they clean the skin very well, yet, at the same time, they dry the skin out.

Ozone is now been introduced into the Olive Oil through a special process. This causes the Olive Soap to cleanse & disinfect the skin effectively whilst maintaining softness and suppleness. Another wonderful benefit is the Anti-aging effect, especially on the face and neck.

Olive Ozone Soap has even More Great Benefits & can Assist with the following:

  • Olive Oil Soap is Hypoallergenic - Less chance for an Allergic Reaction
  • Skin Rejuvenation when used Regularly
  • Anti-aging Effects & Gentle Reduction of Wrinkles
  • Makeup Removal is Easier and Gentler
  • Cellulite Reduction when used with a proper Diet & Exercise
  • Skin and/or Nail Care - Excellent Cleansing & Disinfecting
  • Pimples & Acne can be treated
  • Chilblains, Dermatitis or Eczema & Athlete's Foot
  • Burns & Sunburn, Cuts, Wounds & Bedsores
  • Mosquito Bites, Bee Stings, Spider Bites & Flea Bites
  • Genital Hygiene
  • Also assists with Sweat Gland Infections, Skin Yeast, Ringworm & Psoriasis

Ozonated Olive Oil Soap Bars for Face & Body - R29.99 per Bar (Buy 4 & get 1 Free) - Call to Order Now on 083.391.7980 OR Send an eMail!


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