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15 Facts about Ozone Decontamination that'll Surprise You

Effectively Sterilizes & Disinfects Devices & Clothing
Intelligent Non-Touch Automation Kills Viruses & Bacteria
including Coronavirus - COVID-19

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Ozone Sterilizer Technologies are Practical, Convenient and Ideal Disinfection Methods for day-to-day use at your House or Business, Motels & Resorts, BnB's, Shopping Malls, Health Clubs, Surgeries, Doctors Rooms, etc..

Ozone Sterilization Machines are very easy to use. Whilst saving time, the Ozone Sterilization Process remains Exceptionally Efficient and the Outcomes Speak for themselves! Air is free and your Sterilizer Machine converts the Oxygen O2 it contains into Ozone O3!

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Ozone Disinfection Machine

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Important - Terms of Transaction!

  • 12 Month Warranty on Ozone Generator Electric Component
  • Available across SA - As well as Spareparts & Servicing
  • For optimal results, Usage Guide must be followed exactly!
  • Product Replacement - 7 (seven) Day Money Back Waranty
  • Peruse all Terms & Conditions & Money Back Warranties

How Ozone Decontamination Can Keep You Healthy & Productive:

Ozone is proven to Terminate & Eradicate Airborne & Surface Microorganisms. This includes Killing Viruses and Bacteria 3000 times Quicker and more effectively when compared to Chlorine. A great added benefit is the complete lack of toxic residues.

Ozonation Sterilization & Disinfection Machines are very easy to use. Whilst saving time the Sterilization Process remains exceptionally efficient and the effects speak for themselves!

Labour-intensive Disinfection and Sterilization such as washing and wiping can become impractical. This is especially true in high-traffic zones such as Receptions and Business Premises. Also, Gymnasiums and Health Centres, Guest Houses, Bed-and-Breakfasts and Restrooms. Sections in Airports, Retail Stores, Schools, Hospitals, and numerous other venues will benefit from the use of the Ozone Sterilization Station.

Why these Health Benefits will Change Your Life:

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Ozone Disinfection Machine Uses:

  • At Your Residence
  • Health Clubs
  • Work Spaces
  • Hotels & Bed-and-Breakfasts
  • Hospitals, Clinics & Doctor's Rooms
  • Schools & Universities
  • Malls Retail Shops & Food Courts
  • Gyms and Exercise Centers
  • Jails & Prisons
Installation Guide:
  • Mount on Wall at Entry Point of Office, Surgery, Dwellings, Reception Localities, etc., using two Keyhole Slots at the rear of the Device
  • Put 3 Pin Plug into 220 Volts Power Supply Socket
  • Switch Machine On using Switch to Idle Mode
  • The Appliance is Now Powered and Red Standby indicator Light will come On
  • Machine will Activate Automatically when a Person stands in front of it
  • The centrifugal fans will draw ambient oxygen in and pass pass through the powerful electronics which will convert oxygen into ozone (ozone is supercharged oxygen). Ozone will then be blown out
  • This machine will revert back to Inactive Mode the moment
    the person moves away from it
How to Use this Ozone Disinfector:
  • 1: Face the Machine
  • 2: Bit by bit rotate to your Right
  • 3: Slowly turn Forward again
  • 4: Gradually rotate to your Left
  • 5: Turn Forward to your Machine again
  • Ozone will blow onto You from Head to Toe
    to Disinfect Hair, Face, Clothing, etc..
  • Position Wallets, Cash, Cellphones, Car Keys,
    Sunglasses, in the Cradle
  • Place Bags, Jackets, Groceries, etc., on
    the Floor under the Device
Sanitizer Machine Specifications:
  • 220 Volts Electric Unit
  • White ABS Plastic Housing
  • Black Plastic Fan Guards
  • 2m 3 Core Cable with Earth
  • 3 Pin Connection with Earth
  • Panel Mounted Fuses
  • Safety Panel Switch
  • Non Touch On/Off Activation
  • All Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Download the full Ozone Sanitizer Brochure
General Ozone Sterilization Facts & Conditions:

Important - Provisions of Transaction!

  • 12 Month Guaranty on Ozone Generator Power Unit
  • Available across SA - Also Spareparts & Servicing
  • For optimal results, Usage Directions must be followed exactly!
  • Merchandise Replacement - 7 (seven) Day Refund Guaranty
  • Read all Provisions of Sale & Refund Warranties

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