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The OzoMed Home Healthcare System is very affordable,
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Sit back, Relax & let Healing begin the Way Nature Intended!

OzoMed Foot Spa & Bubble Machine give You
4 in 1 Medically Approved Therapies!

Hydro Heat Therapy - Increased Blood Circulation releasing Toxins
Ozone Therapy - Ozone kills Viruses, Anaerobic Bacteria, Fungi, etc.
Massage Therapy - Relaxes Body & Mind & improves Circulation
Aroma Therapy - Herbal Extracts generate a feeling of Well-being

Foot Bathspa available to You for only R12995!
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Your Natural Healing Specialist Guide for the latest OzoMed Ozone Foot Bathspa design:

Your Ozone Foot Spa Machine produces 4 in 1 Medically Approved Therapies. Together the Ozone Foot Hot Tub provide potent Natural Healing Benefits. It is like a Jacuzzi for both your Feet and your Body! And, the best part is it costs a fraction of the price of a fully installed Jacuzzi! You can choose any treatment from the Five different ones available. These are explained further along this page. (Endorsements & Recommendations)...

Read more about the Five Ozone Treatments...

Ozone Foot & Bath Spa for only R12995!

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Ozone Foot Spa Machine

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Ozone Foot Spa Machine

Five Different Ozone Treatments to Improve Your Health:

Ozone Therapy is the process whereby Ozone is used to influence and bring about Natural Healing in your body. Not only does Ozone bring about healing, it also has powerful Detoxifying effects on the entire Human Anatomy!

Research has brought to light that many Illnesses and Diseases come about beacuse of a lack of proper Oxygenation of Organs. This is particularly true at the Cellular Level of organs. Risky Lifestyles and Nonnutritive Eating Habits cause increased Toxicity in the Human Body. This creates environments which promote the increase of Bacteria and Viruses.

Human cells flourish when a sufficient supply of oxygen is present, and this is where the Ozone Foot Bathspa provides impressive healing therapy, and improves general health and wellbeing:

5 Health Boosting Ozone Treatments in 1:
  1. Ozone Foot Spa
  2. Ozone Bathtub Spa
  3. Ozone Dry Treatment
  4. Ozone Shower Absorption
  5. Ozone Air Purification
1. Ozone Foot Spa:
  1. Choose a suitable Spot at Home
  2. Fill Foot Spa halfway with Water (10 litres)
  3. Connect Air-blower to Power
  4. Connect Hose to Air-blower and Foot Spa
  5. Sit on a Chair and immerse Feet into Water
  6. With Feet resting on Diffuser holes, start your Machine
  7. Timer starts at 15 minutes. Leave on at the 15min setting
  8. Dry Feet and keep Warm until you feel comfortable
2. Ozone Bathtub Spa:
  1. Fill Bathtub halfway with Water
  2. Place Blue Bubble-mat on the Bottom Surface of the Tub
  3. Place Blower-unit on a Stool and connect to Power
  4. Connect Hose to Blower-unit and Bubble-mat
  5. Get into Bathtub, sitting with Legs straight
  6. Using the Remote, start your Machine and set the Timer to the 15min mark
  7. After 5 minutes, bend your Knees while you Sink into the Water up to your Neck
  8. Relax until the Machine switches off
  9. Disconnect Hose from Air-blower first
  10. Dry Yourself and keep Warm until you're comfortable
3. Ozone Dry Treatment:
  1. Place the Blue Bubble-mat on your Bed
  2. Connect to Blower Unit
  3. Lie down on top of the Mat
  4. Cover yourself up to your Neck with a Thin Sheet
  5. Switch the Unit On and Run it for 15 minutes
4. Ozone Shower Absorption:
  1. Fold the Mat and Place on it the Shower Floor
  2. Connect to Blower-unit
  3. Close the Shower Door whilst giving allowance for the Pipe
  4. Switch the Unit On (Remote)
  5. Begin Your Shower
  6. Be Aware that the Shower Door is slightly open
  7. Run your Machine for 15 minutes
  8. The Hot Water & Steam allow your Skin Pores to open - your skin receives the Ozone
5. Ozone Air Purification:
  1. Place Electrical Blower on a Stool in your Room
  2. (You do NOT need the Hose)
  3. Open the Cupboards in the Room
  4. Close ALL Windows and Doors
  5. Switch Air-blower Machine On
  6. Set the Timer for 60 minutes
  7. Leave the Room & close the Door behind You
  8. When Blower switches off, VENT the Room!
General Ozone Foot Bathspa Information & Conditions:
  • Totally Portable - Can be stored and used in another Location
  • Available across the Country - Also Spareparts & Servicing
  • Use in any Bath Tub - Use whenever you are away from Home
  • IMPORTANT! No Chemicals or other Substances are needed
    or required to use this Spa!
  • 12 Month Guarantee on Electrical Unit
  • 60 Day Replacement Policy on Pipes & Mat (T & C apply)
  • Browse all Terms & Conditions & Money Back Guarantees

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